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Guidelines • Sexual/crush posts should be submitted to Sexefess. • Anonymity is not a pass for hate speech, harassment or any other violations of the Facebook Community Standards. Those confessions will not be let through. • All posts are read by one or more people, you cannot "trick" the system to get a hateful or targeted confession posted through. All names are fully censored, descriptions that lead to one person will be edited to be vaguer. • Due to the number of posts we will not allow posts that have no purpose. That includes confessions like "Hi" and "Does this even work?". Posts that are repeated will also not be allowed. • We have the right to delete any confession we want.

What is this website for?

We act as a submission portal for anonymous Facebook pages, confessions pages, and freedom walls. Simply type your submission into the Facebook page's portal and the admins of that page will review your submission. If it is successful it will be posted on that page's Facebook feed.

What is Uni-Truths?

We are a company that develops user-friendly software which enables crowd-sourced publishing for free! We are used by many student pages and undergraduate communities, from freshers to postgrads, in universities and colleges all over the world. Our advanced features enable anyone to submit anonymously and makes social media management easy. No more slow, clunky forms or outdated websites.

Am I anonymous?

Yes! We do not store any identifying material about you.